National Student Rodeo 2017 (The Apocalypse)

We’d hyped it up for months. Our team of two from last year had increased to 8 (plus two on safety). The costumes had been constructed. The party tent had been packed. It was time for NSR!

National Student Rodeo 2016

Jen winning the women's expert category!

Mention the National Student Rodeo to any paddler who has experienced one and you will quickly get an idea of what a crazy event it is. The combination of kayaking, a white-water course, hundreds of students, two nights of partying and a new theme (this year’s being ‘Christmas’) seems to be unbeatable in making for an awesome weekend.

CUCC at National Student Rodeo 2015

We entered the fantastic National Student Rodeo 2015 - a massive thank you to Luucc, River Legacy and everyone else who helped and organised it. There's some videos of the Cambridge paddlers to sort later - but in the meantime here's the amazing University of DamX: NSR Safety Team trying to rescue a banana!!

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